Houthi war crimes eclipse one another

Houthi war crimes eclipse one another


By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan


The Houthi militia are committing war crimes in Yemen in such a large number and so consecutively that each new atrocity eclipses the last from the spotlight.

On Saturday, the Yemeni people were preoccupied with the Houthi imposed blockade on a new region, Al-Abdiya south of Marib province, and the ordeal nearly 40 thousand residents have to face being denied food and water supplies.

On Sunday, the strike with three ballistic missiles on the interior Marib city and the resulting civilian casualties took the public eye off the blockade and off any debates over how to resolve it.

Soon a new attack will make the people forget the two.

The chain reaction has thus continued for years: When people start to reflect on of their crime, the Shia militants perpetrate a next to distract the public from the previous. 

It is a Houthi strategy and only the smart will notice this pattern.

The international community notices it well. 

Determined to gloss over the ugliness of the Shia militants' cause and make them appear as victims, the UN human rights reports from the first to the latest are bogged down in highly selected - or perhaps made-up - stories on some coalition strikes that allegedly hit school buses in Saada some year ago, and are refusing to move an inch from there toward the truth: That Houthi terrorism is bigger, more permanent and claims incomparably more lives than the airstrikes.

The UN is so in denial about the distinguished nature of Houthi atrocities: 1- Being a religious-motivated terrorism; 2- being a daily occurrence; 3- and being responsible for the biggest death toll in the Yemeni war – way bigger than the death toll from airstrikes. 

The ideological organization that people name 'the United Nations' and the international community are not blind.

They watch and follow the consecutive, daily Houthi terrorism as it roils Yemen without stopping since 2014.

They know that neither the coalition airstrikes nor anything else compares or even comes close to the Houthi ground war and daily acts of terrorism in terms of the number of casualties they have caused.

Airstrikes can't kill more people than a continuous ground war can.

Especially a ground war raging on a 24/7/30/365 basis into its seventh year.

Apart from statistics, the UN knows it by common sense too.

But it chooses to turn a blind eye and even distort facts in its reports, since it has a goal worth achieving: To make the Shia Crescent win!

Yes, to make the Shia Houthis conquer and annihilate the Sunni majority - in Yemen as a first step!   

It is an extremist international conspiracy against Sunnis, currently taking place in what remains of the Arab world.

So many knuckleheads amongst us Yemenis, Arabs and Sunnis are unable to understand this fact.

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