Deputy Prime Minister: We will celebrate soon in Sana'a

Deputy Prime Minister: We will celebrate soon in Sana'a

Deputy Prime Minister and Civil Service Ministry Abdul-Aziz Jubari visited on Sunday military units which are centering in the areas which look the capital Sana'a, confirming that the Yemeni National Army will enter Sana'a soon.

He visited some positions which have been recently liberated by the National army in Nihim district.

Yemen's army dominated on Sunday a strategic area in Nehim in the west of Sana'a, military sources affirmed.

According to the sources, the army and resistances' forces entirely dominated the area of Tabat al-Qanaseen which was considered among the most important positions of the militias.

Meanwhile, military sources said that the takeover of Tababt al-Qanaseen will transfer the confrontations with militias of the Houthis and Saleh to Arhab district which overlooks Sana'a Airport.

The sources affirmed that the army managed to capture large numbers of the militias while others escaped to Arhab.


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