Houthi militias use "al-Nakaf" to recruit new fighters

Houthi militias use "al-Nakaf" to recruit new fighters

Militias of the Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh have recently resorted to use "al-Nakaf" with the aim of recruiting new fighters after Yemeni families refused the involvement of their sons in the Houthi wars

Al-Nakaf is a Yemeni tribal term which is used to beg to tribes to involve in wars.

Militias of the Houthis and Saleh suffer a sharp shortage of fighters after they faced defeats in different fronts of fight.

Meanwhile, a number of Yemeni tribes including the tribes of Bakeel and Hashid issued statements in which they say that they refuse the involvement of their youth in absurd wars adopted by the Houthis and Saleh.

Youth of Hashid Tribe Froum has recently issued a statement in which it expressed its refusal to the Houthis wars calls, affirming that it supports the internationally  recognized government and putting and to the Houthi coup.

Houthi leaders also visit schools to push students to involve in fighting, after they used different ways including the sectarianism and regionalism calls to push people to take part in their wars.

Many students stopped education, joined the Houthis and were sent to fight in different war fronts. Many of them are killed because they were still children.

Rights groups and activists demand from time to time the Houthi Movement to commit to international conventions and treaties on protecting children, demobilizing and not recruiting them . However, they ignore all calls and intensify their recruitment campaigns across Yemen.

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