Houthis fire two ballistic missiles on Aljooba in Marib: Press Summary

Houthis fire two ballistic missiles on Aljooba in Marib: Press Summary

  1. Houthi militants fire two ballistic missiles on Aljooba, an outskirt of Marib province/Multiple websites

  2. Angry public protests have renewed protests against the deterioration of basic services and value of the national currency/Bawabati website
  3. The prime minister returns to Aden for the first time in months amidst popular protests against the unprecedented slide of the Yemeni currency, riyal/Yemen Monitor website
  4. Sources unveil that 70 Houthi militants have been killed while attempting to advance toward Marib in the past 24 hours./Maz Press

  5. The Yemeni army advances toward Al-Hazm, the capital of Aljawf province/Multiple websites

  6. Protests continue in Taiz against the currency collapse/Multiple websites

  7. Shops are closed for the second day in Taiz city in a strike over the currency collapse/Yemen Agency for News (YNA)

  8. Houthi militants engage in internal feud in Osaylan, of Shabwa Several militants injured/Bawabati

  9. Yemen PM makes unexpected return from Saudi Arabia to Yemen (Shabwa province for hours) and now has moved to Sayoon city/Multiplied websites

  10. The local government of Marib said on Monday the Sana'a-based Houthi militia have fired 300 missiles into Marib since 2014. The gov't condemned the international community's silence/Bawabati



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