Yemeni riyal does not stop sinking in STC-controlled Aden and affiliate cities

Yemeni riyal does not stop sinking in STC-controlled Aden and affiliate cities

The Yemeni riyal continues to sink freely, and has recorded a new low of 1189 against the U.S. dollar this Saturday in the STC-militia controlled territories including the temporary capital Aden and financially affiliate towns run by the government.

The riyal has been losing value for years but in recent months it has started depreciating at a faster pace on almost a weekly basis and last week, it registered 1112 against the dollar.

Thousands of Yemenis grappling with hunger are protesting every for more than a week in south Yemen against the STC, a UAE-created militia, and a massive protest erupted today in the central Yemen city of Taiz, held by the government but affiliate to the central bank in Aden

The protesters blame the north-based Houthi militia who started the currency war taking aim on the government, the UAE's south-based STC militia who forced the exile of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, Hadi's government for its negligence and the Arab Coalition for surrendering Yemen to the fascist militias.

In a statement, the protesters of Taiz pressed a number of demands before an escalation of the demonstrations on top of these demands are"the sacking of the failed government of premier Maeen Abdulmalik and the appointment of a smaller cabinet to undertake liberating Yemen [from Houthis] and setting a limit to the economic deterioration" and also demanded the payment of long unpaid salaries.

Tensions are also raging between the government and the UAE over the latter's occupation of Yemen's seaports and oil and gas fields directly or through proxy militias.

The international media obviously tend to leave out stories on Yemen's ordeals that are the outcomes of the Houthi or UAE vandalism. 


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