Wary of any help to Yemen's army to reverse Shia Houthis' gains, UN stokes fears of errant airstrikes

Wary of any help to Yemen's army to reverse Shia Houthis' gains, UN stokes fears of errant airstrikes

The United Nations and the international community in general have always used the issue of airstrike-caused  'civilian casualties' as a means to manipulate the Saudi-led coalition to reduce its airstrikes and allow the Shia Houthis in Yemen to expand to new territories in the fight with the government.  

In a statement, on Sunday, supposedly dedicated to condemn the Houthi militia's outlawed execution of nine people in Sana'a, the UN secretary-general’s spokesman strangely included the UN's concern about a reported airstrike by the coalition in Shabwa that allegedly killed six civilians. 
The Houthis had just overrun parts of long safe IDPs haven of Shabwa as part of the Shia extremist militia's tireless war to expand to the government-controlled southwest, forcing dozens of displaced families to flee again and dozens others to be killed and injured. The UN was desensitized toward the Houthi aggression, as usual.  

Knowing the Yemeni army is unarmed and mostly reliant on the Arab coalition's aerial help to hold grounds, and that Saudi Arabia is very responsive to western pressures, the UN official stoked up the old fear from strikes based on a fabricated story that a coalition strike has killed a family, with the aim of manipulating the coalition to refrain from backing the Yemeni army to reverse those fresh Houthi gains in Shabwa. 
An extremist international conspiracy has ensured from the beginning that Yemen's national army is disallowed to import or otherwise acquire any heavy arms, and be totally reliant on scant coalition's strikes barely enough to keep the army hanging by the thread. 

The western media had over the past years played the role of reflecting the war from Houthi point of view and exaggerated the frequency and death toll from the airstrike-caused civilian casualties over that of the incessant and tireless Houthi terrorist war on the ground, building up an international pressure that has manipulated Saudi Arabia to far reduce airstrikes and limit them to defending the government's last defense lines and now its last strongholds of Marib and Shabwa. 
The lack of aerial protection to the remaining government-held territories in the southeast allowed Houthis an easy invasion of large parts within hours. 
The army is struggling by its own efforts and light arms to push back the Houthis with the coalition helping with only a few strikes this week. 
Yet the UN wants them to stop those strikes, and has come up with this civilian casualty story as a manipulation tool.

* Reporting and writing by Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan.

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