Protests against STC militia continue in Aden: Press Summary

Protests against STC militia continue in Aden: Press Summary









  1. Hundreds of people continue their protests into the second week in Aden over the soar of food prices resulting from the depreciation of the currency and the overall bad economic conditions. The protesters demand the departure of the UAE's STC militia controlling the city./Multiple websites
  2. Protesters are burning tyres and closing main streets in Aden now/Yemen Press werbsite
  3. Dozens of people took to the streets in Al-Khawkha south of Hodeidah in a protest (pictured) over the Houthi militia's execution of nine people from Hodeidah in Sana'a. They demanded an international prosecution of the militia leaders as war criminals. They announced the opening of a military camp to recruit fighters to confront the militia/Multiple websites

  4. Crowds of people from Hodeidah have set ablaze the biggest library for Houthi books in the city amidst boiling sentiments after the Houthi terrorist militia executed nine people from their province in Sana'a a couple of days ago/Yemen Voice
  5. The Yemeni government calls for a prayer in Yemen's mosques for the souls of the nine people the Houthis executed a couple of days ago over their alleged involvement in killing the terrorist militia's leader Al-Sammad in 2018./Multiple websites
  6. Raising funds for the celebration of the seventh anniversary of the 21 September overthrow of the government, Houthis force traders in their areas of control to choose between compulsory donations or imprisonment /Sawt Al-Horiya website
  7. Yemen government forces arrest a Houthi militant wearing woman clothes while en route to Ala'abr –Marib highway as part of a preparation for a terrorist attack. Explosives and other crime tools were seized in his possession/Multiple websites
  8. Abyan governor orders his local government to dedicate all available resources for Lowder district to confront Houthi militants trying to advance./Saba news agency

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