Rescuing Yemen is the responsibility of the Yemeni people. No one else!

Rescuing Yemen is the responsibility of the Yemeni people. No one else!

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan


The Shiit Imamite rule is back. The gallows and massacres are back. With  support from outside and collaboration and silence of traitors inside.

I say it again and again: The responsibility of saving Yemen is not on the United Nations or the unconfident obese boy called Hadi who lives in an hotel in Riyadh. The responsibility to save Yemen is not on the three-member alliance: The United States, Iran and the UAE!!

The responsibility of saving Yemen lies on no one other the Yemeni people.

When a country faces conspiracy from outside and treasons from inside that it becomes too threatened, the people should not keep lamenting the disappointment and crying.

The people should take the rescue of their country to their own hands.

Let's say enough to the criticism of our powerless and treacherous politicians. They are far outside the country: Traitors and sheltered from the trouble! No use of criticizing them, they won't care about the country whatsoever.

Let's draw a line to criticizing those who fooled Yemen as being allies at the beginning and then turned on against it down the road and started helping Houthis.

Enough exposure of their vices and their let-down to Yemen. However many the years we spend in criticizing them are, we won't be able to shame them into improvement.

They are -believe it or not - bent on surrendering Yemen to Iran at the end, as the international community wants them to do.

Let's think of what we can do as a people to help ourselves.

The Yemeni people are the only entity legally and morally responsible for rescuing Yemen now. No one else is responsible.

Yemenis should feel ashamed of themselves for following up their country's defining battle news in Marib only through the mobile phones from the rooms of their houses in the areas under Houthi control.

Yemenis need to migrate out of Houthi areas, take up arms and join the frontlines to fight to recover their country before the loss becomes irreversible.

If the Yemenis are not willing to take that hard stance to guarantee themselves a say in the determination of their destiny and shaping their future, there are others who are willing to!

The United States, the United Arab Emirates and Iran are willing to engineer a very nice future for the Yemeni people! One they don’t even dream of!! 

All Yemenis need to do to stay on their beds, and follow the news of their country's war from the rooms of their houses in the same way as their president (Hadi), and his 'hotel-bound' government are doing. 

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