A video shows Houthi execution of innocent people: Press Summary

A video shows Houthi execution of innocent people: Press Summary

- Activists post a video of the transportation of the nine people - the Houthi militia had accused of killing the militia's leader Saleh Al-Sammad - to Al-Tahrir square in preparation to execute them. /Yemeni Sport website


- Watch a video of the first moments of the execution of the nine Tihami people accused of killing Al-Sammad/Almashehad Alkhaleeji.


- The return of the government to Aden without the implementation of the military and security provisions of the Riyadh Agreement is meaningless, writer  Yemeni Adel Doshaylah said, demanding regional powers to hand over Yemen's sea and land ports of entry back to the government. /Crater Sky website


-  Houthis have now replaced 195 employees in Sana'a Airport, making it completely staffed by members of the militia only./Aden Alghad website

- The Houthi militia execute nine people after a wrongful trial/24 Post


  1. The head of the Houthi militia's "Revolutionary Committee" said in a speech on Thursday: "He who doesn't appreciate the status of [our prophetic] bloodline, we will make them appreciate itby the power of iron and fire."/Multiple websites.
  2. The speaker of the upper house of the Yemeni parliament (Shura Council) Ahmed bin Daghr said the Houthi execution of 9 people today over the militia's political leader Al-Sammad in 2018 "exceeded all the limits." He said: "You have no legitimacy and your courts have legitimacy. You've committed a full-fledged crime that is not the first and won't be the last. You destroy every peace in a fair, comprehensive social and political peace … You are laying the foundations for newer phases of internal conflict that will come back to you as a tragic end to yourselves. Our people have toppled more than one Imam (theocratic ruler). Remember that the last two Imams had their life ended at the hands of Yemenis in a violent way equal to their (the Imams') violence . Things ended in the fall of Al Hameed Aldeen theocrati dynasty. From then the sun of freedom rose and it refuses to set to now." /Almeethaq New website

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