In Yemen, currency war is meant to topple the army, but it may kill the people first

In Yemen, currency war is meant to topple the army, but it may kill the people first


By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan


Everyone knows what the collapse of a country's economy and currency means to its government and army.

The international community is now seeing currency as a potential nuclear bomb that will wipe out the government and troops loyalist to President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, Yemen's first ever Sunni president, as they stand up to the Shiit terrorist network of Houthis.

The international conspirators have tried the indefinite forcible exile of Hadi, the appointment of many cabinet members outside Hadi's free will, the indefinite suspension of government forces' salaries, and most strongly the green light to the Shiit terrorist network to wage an endless war on the remaining Sunni strongholds loyalist to Hadi.

All those and other conspiratorial measures failed to bring a downfall of Hadi and his army, which the international community see as "remnants of Sunni influence" in Yemen.  

The international community, an extremist supporter of the Shiit network, is now resorting to what it believes is a nuclear weapon to topple Hadi and let Shia murderers conquer Yemen– the currency depreciation.

From the beginning of the war, the international community allowed the Houthis to mess with the Yemeni economy and finally split the currency such that they end up with a stable currency and the forcibly absented government with a failed currency in relation to the Houthis'.

The international community also commissioned its proxy militia, known as the United Arab Emirates, to evict the government of Hadi outside Yemen while sub-proxies like the STC militia rule over Aden, and Houthi militants take part in the legitimate central bank's management to vandalize it from within! 

The conspiracy involved a cover-up by the international media which to today attribute the riyal's depreciation failure to the government and call Aden and the central bank and money there "government-controlled"!!


*The currency weapon may kill the people first

Using the currency's collapse as a weapon to induce the collapse of the Yemeni army and victory of the Shia militants is an insane move by the international community. This weapon may kill millions of people in the government's, STC's territories of control before it brings the intended effect of bringing the army's downfall.


  1. Needless to say the majority of the Yemeni people especially in these areas are already on the brink of famine and won't bear further depreciation of the riyal.
  2. The collapse of the riyal won't make the defense lines of the government's strongholds untenable as the international community thinks – and wishes.

Because the Houthis are sectarian terrorists who seek to kill or indefinitely jail and torture all civilian escapees.

And therefore the millions of Sunni IDPs in government-held towns will have to fight to death of war or hunger, whichever comes first.

Therefore this weapon of currency won't act like a guided missile that precisely hits the target (anti-Houthi forces) and set the general public aside, as the international community thinks.


The weapon of currency depreciation and subsequent famine will kill people indiscriminately starting from the most vulnerable, in those areas outside Houthi control.


Yet the armed resistance to Houthis will stay as long there are living humans there. 



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