Marib police arrest Houthi terror cell: Press Summary

Marib police arrest Houthi terror cell: Press Summary

  1. Marib police arrest new Houthi terror cell with explosives in their possession, security sources have said./Multiple sources.
  2. Islahi women have been promoted to leadership positions in the party, female leader in Taiz, Sarah Qasem,says/ Al Islah Net website
  3. Information Minister Muammar al-Eryani says the Houthi terrorist militia are responsible about the safety of kidnapped journalists/Al-Hekma Net website
  4. The Houthi militia suffer huge losses in battles with government forces in western Marib/The Arab Network for News

  5. - Aden is out of the control of the STC militia due to protests. STC leader aydaroos and his deputy Hani pack their bags/Voice of Yemen website
  6. Houthi militia sack 500 employees from the Ministry of Oil in Sana'a, replacing them with loyalists/Almanarah Net.

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