STC militia crackdown on protesters in Socotra

STC militia crackdown on protesters in Socotra

The Southern Transitional Council militia are cracking down on a number of civilians who participated in Sunday's protests against the militia governing Yemen's Gulf of Aden archipelago, local sources have said.

The militia have arrested 20 people so far, one source said on the condition of anonymity on Monday.  

Hundreds of people took to the streets of the Socotra on Sunday to deplore the deterioration of public services and state of lawlessness imposed by the marauding gangs affiliate to the militia.

The protests are part of continuous protests against the UAE created militia that overthrew Yemen's government and seized public offices and military camps in the islands on June 21, 2020.

The protests picked up new momentum as since the leader of Socotra tribes Esa Salem bin yaqoot announced in late August an escalation of peaceful protests against the presence of UAE troops and UAE establishment of military bases in the Yemeni islands.

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