Houthi militants physically eliminate young man in Sana'a: Press Summary

Houthi militants physically eliminate young man in Sana'a: Press Summary

  1. Houthi militants physically eliminated Ayman, the son of Nabil Radman who is one of the high-profile figures of Sana'a outskirt tribe of Arhab. He was shot dead in Sana'a city early Saturday./Anaween Post website
  2. Strong tensions in Sana'a: After killing a son of a tribal figure from Arhab, Houthi leaders call Arhab tribes as people "of no honor"/Al-Ra'ay Press website
  3. After killing the Yemeni-American Abdulmalik Alsanabani on Wednesday,the [UAE-backed] STC militants transported his body to Al-Masafi Hospital in Aden, dumped him and fled quickly. The hospital later received phone threats if the footage from the hospital's CCTV camera is shared./Newsline website
  4. Marib female activist Entisar Alqadhi briefs the UN Security Council on the atrocities of the Houthi militia in Marib, demanding an end to the Houthi military aggression./Al-Hekman Net
  5. Houthis bury 136 senior members from those killed in the attack on the government-held Marib province in one week/Yemen Talk
  6. Five Yemeni scholarship students returning from Malaysia were kidpanned in Aden Airport six days ago and got missing since then, it has just been learnt/Yemeni Sport
  7. Dozens of families have been forcibly displaced as Houthis heavily shelled the village of Al-Hajroofah in Hodeidah/Mandab Press


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