First traffic lights installed in Marib

First traffic lights installed in Marib

For the first time in its history, Yemen's beleaguered city of Marib is seeing the installation of traffic lights in its streets.



Experts started today by installing the system in the main intersection of Almoasassa.

The eastern Yemen city has been one of the smallest and most marginalized Yemeni cities until 2015 when it became a government stronghold  in the battle for territorial control between the government and the Shiit theocratic terrorist militia of Houthis.


Ever since Marib, seen then as a temporary refuge for the government millions of civilian escapees from the Houthi militia, started to become a booming city and significant infrastructure projects, like water, electricity and roads started to unfold.  


The UAE immediately prodded its STC militia's into capturing the temporary capital Aden where the central bank lies, forcing the government into exile and starting to undermine the currency and overall economy in the "liberated" territories - of which Marib is part - causing development to slow.

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