Marib: Battles raging for 17 straight days without stopping even for an hour

Marib: Battles raging for 17 straight days without stopping even for an hour

Battles are raging between the government forces and Houthi militiamen for 17 straight days along the frontlines of eastern Yemen's Marib governorate without stopping even for one full hour, a source in the battlefield has said.

The Houthi terrorists are deploying hundreds of fighters to a fierce war in a bid to take the government-held city, where millions of escapees from the militia find refuge.

The source said on the condition of anonymity the estimated casualties are 600 people since the start of the latest offensive that the theocratic militiamen intensify further and further as the 7th anniversary of their 21 September overthrow of the government approaches. "Most of the casualties are on the Houthi side," the source said.  "The army and supporting tribes are resisting waves after waves of Houthi fighters in the south and west of Marib," he said. "Sending waves after waves of fighters throughout the day is the same as the Iranian Alkamoom warfare tactic. Houthis learnt it from the Iranians, and it is meant to wear down the army."  


The Houthi militia have been waging a non-stopping war on Marib for seven years, but their battle gains momentums as national, religious or even their own sectarian occasions approach or when they sense that some international tide is turning in their favour as when the US removed their terror designation.


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