Dozens protest over deteriorated services in Aden: Press Summary

Dozens protest over deteriorated services in Aden: Press Summary


  1. Dozens of protesters have begun blocking streets and burning tires in protest against the deterioration of public services (mainly water and electricity) and worsening economic conditions/Yemen Voice website
  2. The Houthi militia in Sana'a have drafted pilots [from the Saleh-era regime] to train them in effective operating of armed drones/Al-Hadath TV channel.

  3. 'Military sources told AFP on Wednesday that at least 60 Houthi rebels and 18 pro-government troops were killed over the course of a day in Marib.' 

  4. Four Houthi militants have been killed while attacking government forces in Taiz/Bawabati
  5. Amidst fighting outside Marib, a street warfare is raging in Hodeidah /Voice of Yemen
  6. The army regains a number of sites from Houthi militants in Alkassara front, outside Marib./Yemen Voice.
  7. The army is on highest alert in Hadhramout
  8. The commander of the military police in Aden comes under assassination attempt /Multiple websites
  9. The UAE is establishing a military camp that does not answer to the Yemeni government in Amd valley in Hadhramout as part of a policy of deploying murderers and forming outlawed militias in Yemen/Voice of Yemen.


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