The non-aligned threaten Yemen the most

The non-aligned threaten Yemen the most


By Adel Alshojaa

The people who pose the most serious threat to Yemen are those who adopt an equidistance between their country (Yemen) and its enemies –local and foreign enemies.


This attitude adopted by some people is a treason of some kind. Such people assert their status as peace leaders, without knowing what it take to have peace.

All what matters to them is to appear like champions of peace, a peace that will never materialize because of the lack of its requirements.


Therefore the silence of these people is a form of aggression since they stand by in the middle to watch the aggression of the aggressor and the screams of the victim.


The non-aligned have let down both Yemen and its defenders. What is happening in Marib does not concern the residents of Marib alone.


What is happening in Taiz does not concern the Taizis alone.


What is happening in Aden does not concern the Adenis alone.


What will happen tomorrow does not concern tomorrow's generations who today are only still children.  


But it also concerns the present-time generations some of whom are faithful - have already laid down their lives in the September and October revolutions or been thrown in jails - and some of whom are cowardly and opportunists and are therefore letting the republic and the unity of Yemen to slip through their hands in this moment."


  • This opinion was translated and republished from Almashehad Aldowali website.

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