'Marib: 130 thousand displaced children won't be able to continue education this year': Press Summary

'Marib: 130 thousand displaced children won't be able to continue education this year': Press Summary

  1. The chief of the national Executive Unit for the Management of IDPs Camps in Yemen has said that 130 thousand children living in IDPs camps in northeastern Yemen's Marib city won't be able to continue their education this year because of the lack of requirements for their education./Website of Alsharq Al-Awsat daily

  2. The Yemeni riyal is seeing its worst loss of value against the US dollar today/Yemen Time website

  3. Yemen Information Ministry Advisor Mokhtar Arrahbi accuses the UAE of plotting "a serious conspiracy" to topple the Yemeni government from key strongholds remaining under its control, Almahra and Shabwa. He said the Gulf state is mobilizing the forces of its militia (the Southern Transitional Council) for the mission. He called on the tribes of those provinces to be alert to thwart the conspiracy. /Multiple websites
  4. The Arab Coalition destroys Houthi missile launchers in Taiz/multiple websites
  5. Houthi ideological booby-traps fill school curricula/Hadhrrem net
  6. Two new journalists have been missing in Houthi jails for two months. Their families know nothing about them/Ejaz Press
  7. After fierce confrontations, Houthis flee leaving scores of dead bodies in the frontlines in Yemen's Western Coastline /Anaween Post
  8. A Houthi mob kill a civilian (Yahya Qreimah) in front of his wife and children in [north Yemen's] Dhamar province./Alsahel Algharbi (Western Coast) website.
  9. The Houthi militia unveil the arrival of the deadly Indian variant of coronavirus to Sana'a/Multiple websites.
  10. Houthis are arranging to open a branch of the Iranian university of Azad/ The Arab Network for News's website

  11. The Iranian mobilization of forces against Marib will face a crushing defeat, said Noble Laureate Tawakkul Karman in a facebook post.
  12. Yemen's former Transports Minister Aljabwani says if it is true that some of the UAE-affiliated forces in the country's Western Coast have been moved to Mukalla city, then this is a UAE preparation to renege on its promise to evacuate the Balhaf gas facility in Shabwa and leave it for the government. "This leaves a question mark on the two-month respite that the Saudi mediators gave to the Shabwa local authorities to evict the UAE from Balhaf," Aljabwani said. /Multiple websites.

  13. The UAE sets up a new paramilitary camp in Wadi Hadhramout [in eastern Yemen] amidst rejection by local tribal leaders/Yemen Agency for News


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