Houthis benefit from 100% tolerance with Shiit terrorism

Houthis benefit from 100% tolerance with Shiit terrorism


By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan


The Houthi attack on A-Anad airbase late last month took us all back to the militia's 30 December 2020 Aden Airport attack which killed and injured more than 70 people, most of them civilians including aid workers, journalists and people waiting for arriving passengers and relatives.

After the Aden airport attack, everyone expected the UN or the US to begin to designate the Houthis as a terrorist organization.

In fact the Houthis have committed thousands of appalling atrocities for each single one of which they are due the designation fair and square.

Yet they were not been designated, and it seems they will they will never ever be.

 No matter how much more terrorism they put into this world!

This should make it clear to the confused that the Houthis as a Shiit militia enjoy the blank cheque that the international community gives to Shiit terrorism.

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