The salaries, the government, and the president

The salaries, the government, and the president


By Salman Al-Hameedi

Scene 1

The soldier comes back home from the front where he had been enduring the shooting for days where there is no roof and no lull. Aiming for some rest at home, his worry about his main place of living (the front) still lingers on in his mind. Then he comes back to the front.

His wife phones him – every commander should remember that his subordinate has a wife-, he answers her call in an undertone. She asserts she needs money to sign the children up in school, buy medicines for a sick one of them, or buy a bag of flour. He tries to argue and finally raises his voice: Listen woman, I earn our livelihood nearby to the angle of death (at risk to my life).

They hold grounds against the [Houthi] enemy, sneak to the vicinity of slain militants to collect whatever is of value to be sold in order to maintain the living of their families.

But that does not always succeed. Sometimes the Houthi militia plant landmines over the bodies of their militants.

Scene 2

A soldier comes back from the front to see his small family. His daughter does not stop crying. He can't afford the cost of an infant formula. He cools the tea, and pours it to the bottle in a preparation and attempt to pacify the child.

The news come of fierce clashes in his front, he leaves his home and goes back to the line.

Salaries are a right for families, for the sake of their sustenance: for medicines and infant formulas. No one is seeking to have a luxurious thing or to go to an amusement park. Soldiers and their families know no recreational outings.   

Making light of the problem of salary suspension is a disaster. The procrastinations from the government and presidency is bad. All these negligence affect the battle, and the government's leadership bears the ultimate responsibility.

The Yemeni army seems to be subjected an economic blockade … and when it is pressing to make appeals for resolving this problem, another problem is created: Suspension of food supply to the soldiers in the frontline.

They (the plotters) want to keep the soldiers thinking about their food instead of the repelling the enemy."

  • Translated from Almashehad Alyemeni news website.



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