Houthis deploy 300 fighters towards Marib: Press Summary

Houthis deploy 300 fighters towards Marib: Press Summary


  1. The Houthi militia deployed 300 fighters including dozens of children in the past two days towards Marib where they seek to advance on the government-held city/Khabar News Agency website.
  2. Houthi militia leader Abdulmlalik Al-Houthi vows in a televised address to keep up the war and march on the rest of Yemen/Multiple media outlets
  3. Houthis sort their slain militants to three groups and demand their relatives to come and collect the bodies/Anbaa Aden website
  4. Yemen army has repelled a series of Houthi attacks on Marib in the past couple of days/Anaween Post
  5. Liberating Hodeidah seaports from the Houthi militia is a national obligation, Yemeni journalist says/Aden Alghad
  6. Chairman of Kuwait Perspective Center for Strategic Studies Fayz Al-Nashwan accuses the UAE of the seeking to divide Yemen and investing money in the billions toward that goal./Yemeni Sport website

  7. Maeen Abdulmalik is a Made-In-Riyadh prime minister! / Op-ed in Almashehad Aldowali website
  8. A leader of the anti-Houthi militia popular resistance force in Yemen's central Beidha province named Abu Othman was killed today by a car-bomb in Aden [controlled by UAE-affiliated militias]. /Yemen Voice
  9. The Yemeni currency keeps depreciating in STC-controlled Aden and affiliate (government-held) towns/Multiple websites
  10. Thirty eight infection cases and six other fatality cases due to coronavirus have been documented by the national Commission on Coronavirus today Saturday./Mandab Press
  11. Houthi militia kill and injure 5 civilians in Sana'a and loot their plot of land/Bawabati
  12. The UAE control of Yemen'as gas exportation terminal in Balhaf exposes the UAE's false claim that it has withdrawn from Yemen/ Yemen Voice
  13. The UAE has ordered Houthis to intensify Marib attacks in order to divert attentions and take off the political pressure in Yemen on its forces occupying Balhaf gas terminal /Facebook post by activist Muataz Alsaberi
  14. The political parties in Shabwa have called on the government's return from exile, and ending the foreign blockade imposed on Yemeni seaports./Alharf 28 website


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