Arhab tribe in Sana'a fight each other as Houthis fuel dispute: Press Summary

Arhab tribe in Sana'a fight each other as Houthis fuel dispute: Press Summary

  1. Five people have been killed and four others have been wounded in renewed infighting within Arhab tribe in Sana'a. The feud is fueled by the Houthi militia/Almashehad Alyemeni website
  2. After acknowledging to have kidnapped 6 thousand civilians on the charges of alleged intelligence with the Arab Coalition in April 2019, the militia via its website "Security Media" re-acknowledged days ago to have kidnapped 140 new civilians on the same charge.This trumped-up charge is overly used by the terrorist militia to justify oppressing the oppositionists/Al-Islah website.
  3. Saudi forces have forced a house arrest on UAE loyalist paramilitary leaders in Yemen accused involvement in the Houthi militia's attack on Al-Anad military base on Sunday./Multiple websites
  4. Yemen's army units (Third Giants Brigade) that came under a lethal Houthi missile attack on Sunday - while training in south Yemen military of base of Al-Anad- have accused in a statement their top leader UAE-loyalist Abu Zaraah Almahrami of masterminding the attack. /Multiple websites.
  5. The Arab Coalition is holding the suspects in Al-Anad base missile attack for interrogation/Anaween Post
  6. A military division affiliate to Tarq Saleh's Republican Guards, one of the UAE's proxy forces in Yemen, have exited Balhaf facility via the sea/Al-Ettihad Net.
  7. Shabwa governor insists on UAE forces' immediate evacuation of Yemen's natural gas export terminal of Balhaf without delay and his deputy says UAE warplane circulations overhead won't intimidate the army from taking the occupied Yemeni facility /Multiple websites


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