Nightmarish day in a Sana'a neighborhood goes unreported in media

Nightmarish day in a Sana'a neighborhood goes unreported in media

Three people were killed and eight others were critically wounded in a new nightmarish day of clashes in one Sana'a neighborhood on Tuesday, which went unreported by Yemeni media.

Facebook activist Fahd Sultan exclusively reported on Wednesday, "Houthi gunmen accompanied by the militia's 'Director of 22 May Police Station' and local 'Real Estates Supervisor' tried yesterday to usurp by force the front yard of the house of one man in one of Sana'a's neighborhoods (the Air Force Neighborhood) and exchanged fire with the house's owner for hours."

Sultan said: "[The Houthi militants] demanded a military reinforcement of 100 militants and 10 police patrol pickup trucks. Three Houthi gunmen were killed and eight others were wounded all of them now in the ICU. The house was fully burned down with RPGs, Loe missiles and machinegun rounds. After five years of clashes, at around the Afternoon Prayer time, the house was finally stormed. The militia tightly surrounded the neighborhood  and adjacent neighborhoods in search of the house owner Fadhel Alsayadi. He was not and has not been found to now. Among the killed the militia's Police Station manager and Real Estates supervisor."

Sultan concluded his post: "I reported the story because no traditional media outlet did. The people in the Air force Neighborhood lived in a state of panic yesterday. And military patrol pickup trucks still surround the area until now."

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