Marib is showing Yemenis the way, but are they up for it?

Marib is showing Yemenis the way, but are they up for it?

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan


Many of our people keep arguing there is no leadership and no national unity, while finding excuses not to join          the battle against Houthi militants.

Such arguments ignore that Marib is a remaining light of hope as a region that still affords leadership, unity of national ranks and free men.

One of the heroes who sacrificed their lives repelling savage Houthi terrorists in Marib's frontline today, Monday, is Mashli Aldheeib Aljamali, the head of the GPC party in Rahaba, a Marib district.

As much as sad news it is, Aljamali's martyrdom is emblematic of the much-missed unity of political and tribal rivals in the face of the Houthi threat.

Here is a role model: Marib affords a case of national unity where Yemenis of political affiliations and walks of life offer sacrifices together to deter the common Houthi threat and preserve their analogue of Houthi-free Yemen.

But are the majority of Yemenis willing to take up arms and join Marib to drive out Houthis from further areas and enlarge this analogue, or are they just good at empty talk?!




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