Fierce clashes erupt as army repels Houthi attacks in Marib: Press Summary

Fierce clashes erupt as army repels Houthi attacks in Marib: Press Summary

*Social media

-  Fierce clashes in Marib's fronts as the army fights waves of Houthi militants … including child soldiers from Houthi summer radicalization camps./Zayd Alshalif

  1. Strange. The attack on Al-Anad base comes while the UAE forces are being demanded to evacuate the Balhaf facility! /Facebook post by Fahed Shajirah.
  2. Houthi military superiority and dare to press ahead with their insane terrorism is a natural outcome of the militia's assuredness that they have got an arsenal of weapons and international cover while the Yemeni army is not allowed to have food, let alone salaries, let alone weapons. The international community is managing everything in the Yemeni war to make Iran win/FB post by Sayf Ali



*Traditional Press

  1. UAE warplanes circulate over Balhaf facility after the army surrounded it /Multiple websites
  2. The death toll from Sunday's attack on Al-Anad airbase has risen from 30 to 40/Ra'y Alyemen and other websites.
  3. The Arab Coalition is responsible for the Houthi crimes, because it does not allow the Yemeni army to acquire arms while allowing the Iranian Houthi militia/Aden Voice website.
  4. The presidency of the Shura Council: Houthis are a replica of their bloody ancestors.
  5. Yemen's political parties condemned in a statement issued a through their joint umbrella, the National Alliance, Sunday's terror attack on Al-Anad and emphasized the importance of implementing the Riyadh Agreement which provides for the government's return to the country./Yemen Agency for News and other websites.
  6. The chief of staff of the Yemeni army: Peace will not materialize in Yemen unless Houthis are forced into submission/Aden Alghad
  7. Houthis launch massive attack involving scores of radicalized child militants against the government's forces in Marib's frontlines/Multiple websites.

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