Houthi leader hints at militia's willingness for too long war

Houthi leader hints at militia's willingness for too long war


A senior militant in the Shiit terrorist militia of Houthis has hinted that his militia is willing to fight for 40 or 50 years.

"I don't know if the (Arab) Coalition is capable of continuing its aggression on us for 40 or 50 years to come?," said militia’s “Deputy Foreign Minister” Hussein Al-Ezzi in a tweet on Saturday in a revelation of the militia's aggressive intent but in defensive wording.

"Yes, they may be able to, but what we are certain about is that in all circumstances, they can't force us into surrender, fatigue or boredom as we defend our country and people," he said.

The Houthis have for years been on the offensive and the internationally undermined government forces been on the defensive in their last strongholds. Yet the Shia maximalist fighters call their aggressions "a defense."

The Houthi militia have always shown an obsession with a never-ending war, and the militia's constant pledges are fighting "until the Day of Judgment" and "we will fight generation after generation."     

They enjoy the freedom of radicalizing fighters and openly adopting the principle of interminable "Jihad" without facing any international deterrence on account of their being a Shiit militia.



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