At least 30 soldiers killed and dozens others wounded in Houthi attack on south Yemen airbase: Press Summary

At least 30 soldiers killed and dozens others wounded in Houthi attack on south Yemen airbase: Press Summary

  1. At least seven 30 pro-government soldiers were killed and dozens others were wounded in a Houthi ballistic missile and drone attack on Al-Anad airbase in Lahj province north of Aden this Sunday morning. One local hospital, Ibn Khaldoon, received 50 wounded soldiers. The soldiers were training at the moment of the attack. The ballistic missiles were reportedly fired from the militia's areas of control in Taiz/Multiple websites.

  3. Yemen's army has repelled a major Houthi attack with heavy weapons in Serwah west of Marib in the past hours as the militia tried to advance on the army's outposts/Almashehad Alyemeni website
  4. Two men carrying naval mines were captured by the government forces in Shabwa on Friday. The traffickers were transporting the explosives from the UAE military base in Mukalla to the gas facility of Balhaf which UAE also uses as a military base /twitter activists unveiled today providing a link to a video of the capture.
  5. Coronavirus infections rise in Aden, medical sources say/Multiple websites
  6. "Everyone has his own way of interpreting what is happening in Yemen. I personally think the operations, assassinations, bombings happening for the past four years are attributed to the UAE … as for the collaboration between the UAE and the Houthis, there is no doubt about it whatsoever. The coming days will prove it more," correspondent of Aljazeera TV channel./Crater Sky

  7. A demining expert has been killed by a Houthi-landmine in SaadaYeni Yemen website
  8. Houthi militant (Abu Alli Ruzeiq) executes his neighbor (Yasin Alhaj) before his wife and children in Amran in aquarrel over the construction of a borderline wall between the properties of the two men in Amran province this weekend/Multiple websites.
  9. A Houthi female militant in her 30s (Mo'eeda Al-Ziyadi) shot dead her husband (Walid Alsomeiri) in Sana'a after he insulted Abdulmalik al-Houthi in an argument in their home in Sana'a this weekend. The woman is Zaynabiya (religious policewoman) in the Shiit Houthi militia/Multiple websites.
  10. Houthis have kidnapped dozens of people who dared to participate in a protest against the militia's appointed "Religious Endowments" manager and extortions of the public in the province of Ibb on Saturday./Multiple websites
  11. Does the US want to end the war in Yemen or to surrender Yemen to the Houthis? / Aden Alghad (an Op-ed by Adel Alshojaa)
  12. UAE warplanes fly and break the sound barrier at a low altitude over Ataq, the provincial capital of Shabwa, and fire a rocket in an unpopulated desert area nearby./Al-Watani website
  13. Rased Human Rights and Freedoms Organisation has documented more than 40 thousand abuses of civilians by the terrorist Houthi militia in Mahweet province, north of Yemen over the past seven years./Multiple websites
  14. High tensions as the army surrounds the Balhaf gas export facility [in eastern Yemen's Shabwa] which the UAE uses as a military base. UAE warplanes are flying over theregion./Maz Press
  15. "Go to the warfronts and you will get grades in the 90s and a place in the honor roll," Houthi senior militant tells students during his official visit to the Kuwait High School in Sana'a/Almashehad Alyemeni
  16. The Houthi militia's " Police Director General" in Hodeidah and his escorts physically assault the militia's local "governor" causing him serious injuries in the head in a quarrel over the division of the revenues of the Red Sea port city. /Multiple websites
  17. A UN scandal: The UN recognizes Houthis as a government as the WFP's Country Director Laurent Bukera hands over his credentials to the militia's so-called "foreign minister"/Yemen Sport
  18. A Houthi leader shoots fire on a man and his elderly mother and usurps their house and property. /Social media sources. A link to the raid on the family's farm as shared on social media:

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