Houthis are defeatable. If only the Yemeni people rise up

Houthis are defeatable. If only the Yemeni people rise up

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan


Many are the spreaders of despair in Yemen: Some are foreigners, some are Yemenis, some do it on a bad faith, some are defeatists amongst us.

It is true that the conspiracy is international in scale, extremist in determination, and those who say, "There is no military solution to the conflict in Yemen" have already arranged things to make the battle against Houthis unwinnable, as much as they can.

They have secured the Houthi exclusive possession of heavy weapons and resources for suppressing any revolution against them.

But Yemeni people, if they stand together, they can still tip the balance in the army's favor, I believe – very easily. 

One can look at Afghanistan.

Or we don't need to go that far: Defeating Houthis won't take 20 years. Just look at Al-Beidha governorate next door and how the terror network collapsed and withdrew from most of the province within hours.

Had there been only enough men even with light firearms to join the heroes of Al-Homeiqan to make up for the shortage in weapons resulting from the Emirati militias' stab-in-the-back, the control on the liberated districts would've been consolidated and Houthis would've never been able to come back.

It is a lesson for the Yemeni people to never listen to the spreaders of despair and despondency, especially the international conspirators who try to impinge on their morale in trying to get them surrender to the Shiit sectarian murderers. 

Houthis can be defeated easily and within hours, if the Yemeni people rise up in large numbers, migrate to the fighting zones and join the army. 

That there are no salaries for the warriors and no political leadership in the country to lead the battle is no excuse to give up, because withholding the payments and evicting the political leadership out of the country is itself a part of the extremely fanatical conspiracy meant to cripple the national warriors and save Houthis.

Even assuming that some politicians have betrayed the country voluntarily is no excuse for the people to give up, and keep complaining and chewing the disappointments over.

The people should wash your their hands of these treacherous or weak officials early in time and move on; The people should take their country's rescue to their own hands.

It is the Yemeni people themselves who can change the game: Struggle and carve their path straight, looking no right or left, and depending and trusting no one else but themselves. 

Time has had the Yemeni people in this test, where it is only them left to save their country in the face of an international conspiracy that is too fanatical, demonic and patient in persistence.

Whatever the sacrifices for freedom, they will be much less than the price of a submission "until the Day of Judgment". And when it is too late, regrets are of no use.

So far, there are no people who have rolled over and let the conspirators do whatever they want, like the Yemenis have done.

The Yemeni people must rise up, take up arms and join the national army's heroes in the battlefield to spoil the international conspiracy. 

They must take things seriously and find the will and way to recover their country by their own hands, if they still want a country.


  • Abdullah Hassan is a replacement for Sarah Hassan. Both are pen-names. The views I express are my own.

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