Houthis order confiscation of new government-printed paper currency

Houthis order confiscation of new government-printed paper currency

Yemen's Houthis have issued money exchange businesses with orders to confiscate the new 1000 riyal notes printed by the government as part of a the terrorist militia's all-out insurgency that recently employed currency as a weapon.

The terrorist Shiit sectarian militia controlling much of Yemen's north ordered exchange businesses to "seize" what they call the "fake" paper currency, punch holes in them and submit them to the militia's so-called "central bank" in Sana'a.

In January 2020, the Houthis banned the government's printed banknotes and reserved for themselves the Saleh-era old notes, causing a split in currency and exchange rates.

The Houthis have since weaponized the currency in a unilateral war against President Abd-Rabbu M. Hadi's government with the latter – under an undeclared international ban from any real return to the country – being passive and unable to respond to the Houthi subversive move, contrary to the international media's suggestion of a bilateral battle.

Only last month, the putatively government controlled central bank in Aden printed 1000 riyal bills with the same size of the Houthis' old notes in a bid to reunify the paper's size and exchange rate in the entire country.  


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