Press Summary: Houthi ballistic missile harmlessly hits Marib

Press Summary: Houthi ballistic missile harmlessly hits Marib


  1. A Houthi ballistic missile hit a neighborhood in Yemen's northeastern Marib city early Thursday. No casualties were reported/Almashehad Alkhaleeji
  2. A Yemeni military tribunal sentenced on Wednesday the leader of Houthi militia Abdulmalik al-Houthi and 174 of his aids to death by fire squad for mounting a military coup in September 2014, collaborating with Iran and committing military and war crimes. The tribunal also designated the Houthis a terrorist organization/Multiple websites
  3. A heavy explosion was heard in Sana'a on Wednesday evening as Houthis failed to launch a ballistic missile. Fragments of the missile descended on neighborhoods in the city/Alsahwa Net and other websites
  4. Houthis invite Iran's foreign minister to visit Sana'a/Ejaz Press website
  5. The Houthis executed tribal figure Ali Sarhan Waqaz who hails from Harf Sufyan district in the northern Amran province in front of his wife in Sana'a two days ago. They shot him dead while he was going out of his house./Yemen Sport website
  6. Houthis launch a suicidal attack against the government forces in the outskirts of Marib/Bawabati
  7. The Houthi militia choose Saba International and the Middle East as the two companies that will allowed to ship goods to their own controlled Hodeidah Seaport//Ejaz Press
  8. The UAE mobilized on Wednesday its Southern Transitional Council militiamen in Balhaf gas liquefaction plant [in Yemen's eastern Shabwa province] which facility it uses as a military base to send an apparent warning message to the governor of Shabwa a day after he called on the UAE to de-militarize the facility and let Yemen resume exporting gas. /Voice of Yemen and other websites.
  9. The chieftain of all tribal chieftains of Socotra Esa S. Bin Yaqoot announces an escalation rallies and demonstrations against the UAE's control on the Yemeni archipelago./Almahra Alghad



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