Cement factory fuel a disguise to smuggle fuel for Houthi rockets

Cement factory fuel a disguise to smuggle fuel for Houthi rockets

Sunday 2021-08-23


A high level Yemen source has confirmed that the Houthi militia are easily smuggling in large quantities of rockets, rocket fuels and other weapons in the disguise of oil products due to the UN's blind-eye policy toward Houthi smuggling operations through Sana'a Airport and the rest of the ports of entry to Yemen.

The source said the UN's stance allows Houthis to smuggle in these military tools continuously and further empowers the Houthi terrorist guerilla.


17 trailer tanks

The sources said: "Seventeen petrol-laden trailer tanks have arrived via Mukalla Seaport in the disguise of a fuel for [Houthi-controlled] Amran Cement Factory, and we have found the shipment to be rocket fuel. It was bound for the Houthi-controlled territories. It was labeled as a UN shipment. The shipment was seized for two months. Knowing that it was seized, the Houthis tried to hit it with guided missiles and armed drones to blow it up but failed.

On its part, the UN sent an official to ask for the release of the shipment but its request was rejected. The UN did not stop there. It smuggled in another 30-ton shipment of petrol to the capital Sana'a in the disguise of fuel for Amran Cement Factory, while in reality it was fuel for the Houthi long-range missiles.


Partners of terrorism

The source said by such facilitations these international authorities become partners in threatening navigation in the international shipping lanes and in planting naval mines….


The source added that if such smuggling took place once or twice, it could be considered unintentional or a mere a mistake. But it is taking place on a continuous and permanent basis.


  • Source: The Saudi daily newspaper and website of Al Watan.


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