Houthis expose themselves and the so-called "humanitarian" organizations

Houthis expose themselves and the so-called "humanitarian" organizations

By Ali Anaam


Of all the plights in Yemen, the "humanitarian" agencies in Yemen weep most over what they call the Arab Coalition's "blockade" on Hodeidah seaport, citing concerns about obstructions to the flow of essential goods  to the country, the risk of famine and the rest of phrases hiding manipulative aims.

The Yemeni government always counter-argued there are no disruptions to the humanitarian and commercial functions of the port whatsoever and that Houthis only aim for an absolute and unmonitored freedom over the ports so as to use it to import arms.

The international humanitarian agencies cared about nothing in the row and kept only parroting the "lift blockade" phrase of the Shiit militia.

Last week, the Houthis invited the "traders of south" Yemen to quit importing via the nearby Aden seaport and switch to the Hodeidah seaport under their control which . And the militia's self-styled "Council of Ministers" boasted the Hodeidah port's modern labs for examining goods, bigger freight handling capacity, faster custom clearance and other "privileges over the seaports of" the government.

With these offers and promotion, the Houthis expose themselves and international aid agencies as liars who tirelessly complain that the Hodeida seaport is under blockade.

The international humanitarian organizations know all along that the port is not blocked. They are in the best position to know that. And they know that we (Yemenis) know that they know.

But they don't stop weeping over the "blockade" since their goal is to secure an absolute freedom for Houthis to use the seaport for whatever purpose they want, even military, apart from the annoyance of a third party watching what they do.



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