Houthi announcement of privileges for Hodeidah imports belies their blockade claims, says Eryani

Houthi announcement of privileges for Hodeidah imports belies their blockade claims, says Eryani






Yemen's Minister of Information has said that the recent announcement of privileges for importing goods through the Houthi militia-controlled Hodeidah seaport belies the militia's claims of an Arab Coalition imposed economic "blockade" on the militia's controlled territories or the seaport.

In a statement to Saba, Muammar al-Eryani said: "The Houthi militia's announced facilitations and privileges to encourage traders and investors to import through Hodeidah Seaport, as well as their promotion of the daily freight handling capacity of the port belies the claims these militants kept asserting for six years: Economic blockade and hindrances to the flow of goods through the port."

"The terrorist Houthi militia has - since its overthrow of the government- been adopting the policy of systematic starvation of millions of Yemenis under their control to exploit the humanitarian crisis in misleading and blackmailing the international community," he said.

"The Houthi militia exploited the big lie of "blockade" to monopolize the trade in oil products, sold the oil products - which are imported through Hodeidah Seaport normally and smoothly – in the black markets at double the price, and hoarded billions of riyals for the enrichment of the militia's leaders and for financing the war," he said.

"The terrorist militia kept stealing the customs tax from the port for seven years and dishonored the UN-sponsored agreement which stipulated depositing those revenues into the central bank's branch in Hodeidah to cover the payment of public salaries in the entire Republic" of Yemen, he said.

Al-Eryani demanded the international community, and the UN and US envoys "to exercise real pressures on the militia to stop trifling with the humanitarian issue … and to refund all money looted from the Public Salaries account" in the Hodeida bank.

Source: Saba

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