Citizen Journalism Corner: To know what thieves Houthis are, see this vessel traffic tracking list

Citizen Journalism Corner: To know what thieves Houthis are, see this vessel traffic tracking list

  1. To know what blatant thieves Abdulmalik Al-Houthi and his gang are, you can see this daily track list of the vessels arriving in Hodeidah seaport laden with oil and food stuff. Despite the huge quantities of fuel imported, Hodeidah city always stays in blackout/Facebook post by Ali Alfakih

  2. Abu Dhabi is supporting Houthis with ballistic missiles, armed drones and whatever supplies they need via our sea and air ports and islands that are occupied by the alliance of thieves/Tweet by Shura Council member Ali Al-Bujeiri

  1. The unclean and immoral role played by the UN and its affiliate agencies in the context of their total bias in favor of the Houthi militia in Yemen is very explicit.


Their role has become revolved around the provision of support to the Houthi militia in all aspects, covering the Houthi crimes against Yemenis and feeding the militia's insane war against Yemen as a country, state and government.


One of the subversive practices practiced by international organizations, in particular the UNICEF, manifests itself as an implementation of an international policy to destroy the Yemeni identity and the culture and future of the emerging Yemeni generations.


This [pictured book] is one of the evidences. The UNICEF has financed the printing of Houthi sectarian curricula for children at the most critical stages of development – students of primary schools.

The book is infused with sectarian ideologies that divide the society, spread sectarianism, glorify death and incite the Yemeni people one against another.

Poisoning the children's minds with hatred and terrorism in this way is a crime in all laws.

It is an unprecedented crime being committed against the children of Yemen unfortunately by the support and finance of the UNICEF, and thus the UNICEF becomes an accomplice in the crime.

The so-called National Education book is an example of what the young Yemeni generations will study in the Houthi-controlled territories.  /FB post  by Rashad Almeklhafi


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