As UNICEF sponsors Houthi curricula, Yemenis become more aware of its unclean role

As UNICEF sponsors Houthi curricula, Yemenis become more aware of its unclean role

The Houthi militia have recently started printing distorted versions of the Yemeni school curricula with Shiit extremist ideologies and death glorifying ideas infused from cover to cover.


The UNICEF sponsored the printing of one of these books known as the 'National Education' drawing attention of more Yemenis to its unclean role in fostering Shiit extremism in a country already torn by the unrelenting war of the Shiit Houthi terrorist militia.


Many Yemeni media outlets and activists dedicated their writings to this act by the UNICEF which "violates the international conventions."

Nabdh Al-Share'a news website published an article headlined: "The UNICEF legitimizes sectarianism in the curricula to plant bombs in the minds of Yemeni students."

The website attacked the Houthi terrorist militia's so-called Education Minister and the UNICEF for "financing the printing of an extremist curricula in violation of the international conventions."

In statements to the website, activists warned of the rise of a terrorist generation in the militia's areas of control.


Yemeni social media media activists like Rashad Almeklhafi said, "The unclean and immoral role played by the UN and its affiliate agencies in the context of their total bias in favor of the Houthi militia in Yemen is very explicit."

In a facebook post, he said: "One of the subversive practices practiced by international organizations, in particular the UNICEF, manifests itself as an implementation of an international policy to destroy the Yemeni identity and the culture and future of the emerging Yemeni generations."


He added: " The UNICEF has financed the printing of Houthi sectarian curricula for children at the most critical stages of development – students of primary schools.

The book is infused with sectarian ideologies that divide the society, spread sectarianism, glorify death and incite the Yemeni people one against another.

Poisoning the children's minds with hatred and terrorism in this way is a crime in all laws."

Another facebook activist Fuad Albanna published a picture of the 'National Education's'  book with the following comments:

"Believe it or not, this booby trapped book has been printed with funding from the UNICEF. A book laden with the bomb of raciest ideologies, incites violence, and glorifies murderers … The Houthis force international organizations to print for them whatever books they want. The organizations fulfill all Houthi demands, then come to the government-held territories to sponsor "How to Wash Your Hands" hygiene trainings. What generations will such books create? The real catastrophe hasn't come yet."

Another activist Ali Al-mohammedi said on facebook, "This is what the UN and its agencies have been doing for years, but Yemenis are growing more and more aware of their suspicious dirty work in support of the Iranian militia."

  1. Facebook activist Mundher Abduraqib Thabet posted a picture of the book with the comment: "This is thebook the UNICEF is printing at the expense of the United Nations. The book encourages killing and carnages for the Houthi cause. This is the real role the United Nations is playing."
  2. Ahmed Hazaa tweeted: "The UNICEF offers unlimited support to the Houthi militia. The latest is printing books that glorify the Houthi leaders. #The_UNICEF_is_A _Key _Supporter_of _the_Houthis"


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