Houthis've almost doubled taxes this year: Reports

Houthis've almost doubled taxes this year: Reports


The Houthi militia have almost doubled taxes this year compared to last years, Almashehad Alkhaleeni news website learnt from sources in the terrorist militia-run Taxes Authtority in Sana'a.

What the militia-run Authority levies now exceeds 60 billion Yemeni riyals a month, which is doube the monthly rate in the past years, the sources told the website.

The sources attiributed the increase to "the militia's increase of taxes by 100%."

The sources said the militia's leaders "don’t even deposit these funds in the Taxes Authority's account in the 'central ban' in Sana'a' but instead divert them to private investments for private enrichment and for financing the militia's intermiable wars against the government.    

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