Humanitarian organizations in Yemen: Alignment with sectarian Houthi militants

Humanitarian organizations in Yemen: Alignment with sectarian Houthi militants


By Abdulwase’a Al-Emadi


While Yemen is all tragedies bred by the terrorist Houthi militia’s seven year war, the international humanitarian organizations continue to turn their back completely to the Houthi guilt and responsibility and seek to achieve more of the Shiit terrorist militia’s goals in Yemen.


Without any sense of shame, these so-called humanitarian organizations keep nagging the world only about the military demands of the terrorist militia, like the opening of the Sana’a Airport.

The Shiit terror militia want the blockade on the airport removed to use it for military purposes and access sources of weapon completely freely as they used to do before the war began.

To cite just the latest example, nine such aid agencies (Handicap International, International Medical Corps, INTERSOS, Islamic Relief, Norwegian Refugee Council, Oxfam, Save the Children, Search for Common Grounds and ZOA) have issued a joint statement in this respect.

The statement entitled “Yemen aid agencies: thousands of lives at risk as vital lifeline remains blocked”  sensationalizes the airport closure matter too much even though the airport is not the only humanitarian conduit for the militia’s controlled areas, nor does the world face a problem of access to the Houthi-controlled areas.

Yemen’s problem with humanitarian is one of theft and diversion of aid as many humanitarian organizations have admit from time to time.

At the same time these organizations and the UN itself have been turning a blind eye to the only real case of siege in Yemen: The Houthi militia’s years long military siege around the city of Taiz.

It is the only case of siege in Yemen and the longest period of city siege in modern history. It cuts medical and humanitarian provisions to three million supply and prevents people from travelling between the city and the countryside forcing to travel seven hours an otherwise five minute bus commute.

It is shocking how these so-called “humanitarian” agencies are shamelessly pressing for an obviously Houthi military ambition to be secured, while not paying any mentionable attention toward real humanitarian tragedies the Houthis have caused, like the years long siege on Taiz.

In the Yemeni memory it is going to be recorded as an explicit alignment with the Shiit terrorist militia.

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