Three people killed, 8 wounded in Houthi-laid landmine blast in northeast Yemen: Press Summary

Three people killed, 8 wounded in Houthi-laid landmine blast in northeast Yemen: Press Summary

  1. Three people have been killed and eight others were wounded in the explosion of a Houthi-laid landmine in Aljawf province, in northeast Yemen, in the past hours/Khabar for News website
  2. Houthis are amassing fighters, cannons and armored vehicles in their stronghold of Saada as a war with [defecting] Bani Hodeihfah tribe is on the brink of eruption / Almashehad Alyemeni website
  3. Houthis reinforce their military positions in Saada with heavy weapons to confront Bani Hodeihfah tribe/Alsahel Algharbi website
  4. Here are the details of Saada tribes' uprising against Houthis/Voice of Yemen.
  5. Internal feud is growing among Houthi warlords in Sana'a over public revenues and spoils of the long running war/Yemen Time
  6. Houthis have inducted hundreds of thousands of child soldiers in preparation for an endless war, informed sources have said/Almashehad Alyemeni
  7. A university professor has been assassinated in the Houhthi-controlled Sana'a, hours after he demanded pay-rise/Multiple websites
  8. A facebook post causes its writer to be killed within just two hours in Sana'a/Almeethaq News (on the previous topic.)
  9. Houthis assassinate one of the most prominent Shiekhs (tribal chieftains) of Aljawf province, Mohammed bin Mubarak Naje'a Almarrani, after luring him to Sana'a in a sting operation seemingly to patch up differences/Ababeel Net.
  10. A Yemeni government official has said that Houthis are the only terrorist group that has an abundance of funds while the resources of other terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and Boko Haram are well drained.

Deputy Justice Minister Faysal Almajeedi said, "But Houthis still have support dedicated to them. Although they have the revenues and financial assets of the state of Yemen, the UN and the international community deal with them financially."/Multiple websites


  1. The army and its tribal supporters make news gains in Walad Rabee'a district in the central Yemen province of Beidha: taking back territories and ammunition from the Houthi terrorists./Multiple websites
  2. The Houthi militia tortured a young man named Abdulaziz Alsowadi and dumped his body in the road in Alsowadia area in Beidha province for no known reasons./Multiple websites


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