Brokers buy newly printed YR 1000 riyal notes: Citizen Journalism Corner

Brokers buy newly printed YR 1000 riyal notes: Citizen Journalism Corner


  1. While Aljazeera Money Exchange Co. in Taiz is handing over transferred salaries to employees in Taiz in new reprints of the old big size YR 1000 bills, some brokers are hanging around and buying each new YR 1000 note for old YR 1300 grubby notes./Facebook post by Ahmed Albasha
  3. Houthis have deployed brokers in Aden, Taiz and all cities to buy the new reprints with the aim of withdrawing the money from the market. The STC militia and other foreign-backed lobbies are helping them. /Facebook post by Basel Ahmed
  5. Houthis want the currency split they imposed to stay it is: They possess the big-size 1000 riyals and the areas outside their control stay left with the depreciating smaller notes.
  7. One may ask, 'What is the central bank in Aden doing?' Well. In fact, the bank is not in the hands of the government. Everyone knows that. One bank [in Sana'a] is in the hands of Iran and another [in Aden] is in the hands of …. Until the government is in full control of Aden and of all state institutions there, it cannot be blamed for anything. So far the foreign actors want to affiliate the Aden central bank to the government by name only. So that any failures are attributed to i. They call it the government-controlled bank but it is not government-controlled. The foreign actors have not allowed the government to practice authority inside the country. And probably will never allow it. The international actors have allowed only Iran. /FB post by Aref Sanhan




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