Press summary: Fierce clashes erupt in Dhamar as Houthis shell villages

Press summary: Fierce clashes erupt in Dhamar as Houthis shell villages

  1. Heavy clashes have erupted as of late Monday in Dhamar, a Houthi stronghold, as the Houthi militia is seeking to arrest oppositionist villagers in Wadi Al-Har area. The Houthi militia are reportedly now shelling the area with heavy weapons/Multiple websites
  2. The Yemeni riyal continues to lose value versus the US dollar./Multiple websites
  3. Sana'a is seeing a hidden conflict among different Houthi factions over power and influence/ Voice of Yemen.
  4. Government forces secure advances against Houthi militants south of Marib/Bawabati website
  5. Houthi landmines have killed and injured 50 civilians in three months, the Yemeni Observatory on Landmines said./Yemeni Press Network website
  6. Terrorists par excellence. When are Houthis going to be designated a terror organization?/Al-Rashad Press
  7. Houthi militants physically eliminate a man from Aljawf, by the name Mohammed Mubarak Almarrani, in Sana'a on Monday./Multiple websites.
  8. Brokers are reportedly buying the newly released 1000 riyal banknotes inside the central bank in Aden. The bank had printed and announced the beginning of the circulation of the big-size bills to resolve the national currency split created by the Houthi militia/Multiple websites.
  9. Brokers are crowding around money exchange shops in Aden to buy the newly printed 1000 riyal notes./Yafe'a News
  10. Economic analyst Majed Alda'iri said open sale of the newly released big-size 1000 riyal banknotes to brokers inside the central bank of Aden at the same exchange rate in Houthi-controlled areas similar is disgraceful to the bank's leadership and reveals that the bank's move to end the currency split is illusory. /Aden Alghad
  11. Houthi militiamen on trucks and with protection from the STC militiamen are buying the newly printed big size 1000 riyal banknotes for only 1200 riyals from the smaller notes. The move is meant to withdraw the government-printed bills that would have ended the country's currency split. Civilians have reported the Houthi-STC misdeeds to the police station, but the police did not respond./Yemen Direct

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