Houthi landmine kills an IDP in north Yemen: Press Summary

Houthi landmine kills an IDP in north Yemen: Press Summary


An internally displaced man known as Ali Akrash Khoori has been killed by a Houthi landmine in Alkhdhra ranches in north Yemen's Hajjah province. /Alsahwa Net website


  1. The Central Bank of Yemen in Aden begins to pump YR 1000 bills to end the currency split in the country./Yemen Voice website
  2. Houthi militia storm a house of a tribal chieftain in Dhamar/Nabdh Alshare'a
  3. A senior military officials from Beidha has called on all other military officials and civilian activists displaced in Marib to plan a meeting to address the terrorist Houthi militia's capture of some territories in their home province in central Yemen and take a stand toward the southern Yemen-based Security Belt militia's collaboration with the Houthis/Multiple website.
  4. The Houthi militia lost 3120 terrorists in different anti-government warfronts the first half of this year/Alsahwa Net and other websites
  5. The Houthi militia shell neighborhoods south of Hodeidah sending panic amongst civilians./Yemen Talk
  6. Yemen's Information Minister warns against the Houthi continued recruitment of "thousands of children from schools" to radicalization Summer Centers were their minds are "booby-trapped with extremist sectarian ideologies" before these kids are deployed to the anti-government warfronts/Multiple websites.
  7. The Houthi militia have enrolled large numbers of loyalists in the 'illegitimate' Supreme Judicial Institute in Sana'a to ensure a future total control over the judiciary system in the militia's areas of control, informed sources have said.

The move comes after the replacement of thousands of [Saleh-era] security and military officials with Houthi militants./Alsahwa Net

  1. An eve teaser tracking a young female doctor in Sana'a causes her to lose her life in a horrific car crash/Multiple websites
  2. Houthi militants forcibly displace hundreds of families amidst IDPs' appeals for help/Yemeni Sport
  3. Yemeni media pundits and other activists call the government's failure to restore the country's telecommunication system from Houthis a shame and a great treason./Almashehad Alyemeni

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