A battalion of Houthi child soldiers arrested: Press summary

A battalion of Houthi child soldiers arrested: Press summary

  1. A whole battalion of Houthi child soldiers has been arrested by the heroes of the army [outside Marib]/Facebook post by Mohammed Jureid
  3. Ahmed Qasem Alnafoodhah a senior religious morale guide to the Houthi fighters in Rahabah warfront has been arrested by the army./FB post by Abdusalam Al-Sohami
  5. Around 40 Houthi militants were killed as the army repelled a new attack south of Marib/Yemen Voice website
  7. The central bank in Aden decides to pump large size YR 1000 bills to tackle the currency split in the country/Multiple websites
  9. The central bank's new measures to end the riyal currency split has sent the Houthis mad prompting the militia to call the move "a new disaster."/Yemen Voice website

  11. - The Vice President: We are ready to exchange prisoners with Houthis on the basis of all-for-all/Almashehad Alkhaleeji website
  13. Gas, petrol and timber are sold at very exorbitant prices in Sana'a, and are available only at Houthi militant-rub black markets/Almanarah Net
  15. A Houthi militant detonates his bomb in a bus between Sana'a and Ibb governorates, which led to the killing of two passengers, injury of others./Almanarah Net.
  17. Houthis kill their relatives in cold blood. One Houthi leader burns his wife to death./Wasal Press.

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