Yemen condemns house bombings by Houthi terrorist militia

Yemen condemns house bombings by Houthi terrorist militia

The terrorist Houthi militia's bombing of opponents' houses in the country has met strong condemnations in the country.

Yemen's Information Minister said the militia's bombing of the house of army officer Taleb Darkam in Baqtha area in Marib's  outskirt of Rahabah on Wednesday called it "a terrorist act."

"The militia bombed the house of Brig. Taleb Darkam in upper Baqtha area … days after bombing the house of his brother Ahmed Darkam" and four months after "exhuming the grave of their father in a dangerous precedent," Muammar al-Eryani told Saba.

"Al-Eryani said the militia's " adoption of the policy of blowing up hundreds of houses belonging  to state and army and security leaders, jouralists, tribal chieftains and civilians who oppose the militia's putschist agenda is a cowardly reprisal act and a revealer of the real face of Houthis as a terrorist organization no different from Al-Qaeda and ISIS."

Al-Eryani called on "the international community, the UN and the UN and US special envoys to condemn these as terrorist crimes … and take action to designate the Houthi militia as a terrorist organization."  

Source: Saba


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