Yemen's Houthis celebrate sectarian 'divine right' to reign

Yemen's Houthis celebrate sectarian 'divine right' to reign


Yemen's Houthi extremists have celebrated the sectarian occasion of the Day of Wilaya which in their Shiit beliefs mark prophet Mohammed's designation of his cousin and their alleged forefather Ali Ibn Abi Taleb, as a successor ruler of the Muslim state.

Local sources said the extremists have been "taxing people to death in Sana'a and other parts of northwest [Yemen] under their control in the lead-up to the eve of the Wilaya Day, Tuesday night, when they lit up the skies with fireworks all night long."

"This is a message the followers of this perverted form of Islam have been sending from the beginning of the Muslim history: That the reign is exclusively theirs with an uncontestable will from prophet Mohammed PUH," said Dhi Yazen Al-Rabee'a a Yemeni researcher.

"This also deals a blow to the claims that Houthis, a theocratic militia that believe in the divine right to rule, can be persuaded to compromise over power sharing or the mere acceptance peaceful coexistence with other Yemenis."

The Houthi militia reportedly have intensified their military deployments and protracted suicidal war against the government-held territories especially the permanent flashpoint of Marib on the occasion of the Wilaya Day.

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