Houthi extremist accidentally kills his mother instead of his father

Houthi extremist accidentally kills his mother instead of his father



A Houthi extremist has killed his mother in an errant shot that was aimed his father in central Yemen's Dhamar province, it has been confirmed.


Informed sources said today Walid Ahmed Izz Al-Ddeen who holds the title of a "supervisor" in the ranks of the theocratic Shiit militia of Houthis "shot 13 bullets trying to kill his father but ended up killing his 50-year-old mother Latifah Mohammed Ali in al-Hillah village of Jabal Alsharq district in Dhamar on Saturday."


The extremist had been in dispute with his parents over not following the Houthi movement's religious hardline and used to call them "Takfeeris" a term the Houthi terrorist movement use against  pro-government Yemenis. Takfeeri is someone who is too puritan that they declare a few Muslim non-Muslim, but Houthis use it as a form of psychological projection.

"Walid has been transferred by the Houthis to a safer place," one source said.

Commission of parenticide by brainwashed Houthi militants is a crime on the rise amongst graduates of the Houthi radicalization courses. Just last week, another militant had killed his two parents after they advised him to leave the Houthi anti-government warfronts.


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