Torrential rains sweep IDPs tents in Marib: Press Summary

Torrential rains sweep IDPs tents in Marib: Press Summary


Torrential rains have swept dozens of IDPs tents in Marib and hundreds of displaced persons have been badly affected/Marib News facebook page.

The Security Belt militia in [south Yemen's] Yafe'a have arrested three senior leaders in Al Homeiqan tribal resistance force that fought against the Houthi militia in Beidha this month./Multiple websites

Houthis shell Hays residential neighborhoods in Hodeidah, one man was shot injured by Houthi sniper./Multiple websites

Aljazeera TV channel prioritizes the viewpoint of the Iranian regime over that of the Al-Ahvaz protesters in the Persian state/Almashehad Aldowali (opinion by Mohammed Jumeih).

A child has been found killed and his body drained of carcass near a Houthi military camp in Dhamar/Almashehad Alyemeni

Yemen's Interior Ministry announces the arrest of Houthi sleeping cells in Marib, Shabwa, Mahra, Taiz and elsewhere/Multiple websites

A man sustains injury by shrapnel of Houthi projectile south of Hodeidah/Nabdh Alshare'a

Houthi militants assassinate Abdurahim Ali Ismael a Houthi senior militant close to the militia's leader Abdulmalik Al-Houthi. His assassination comes as part of the continuous rivalry and physical eliminations within the terrorist militia/Wasal Press and other websites

The Houthi militia wage fierce assault on Marib province and government-controlled parts of Beidha/Multiple webesites

Attempts to Iran-ize Yemen/Voice Yemen (opinion by Abdunaser Alawdhali)

The army has captured back some sites from Houthi militants in Naaman district in Al Beidha province/Multiple websites.

Waves of large number of Houthi fighters attack Marib's western front but fail to make any advance in fierce clashes today Saturday/Almashehad Akhaleeji

In a new fabrication, Houthis plant Al-Qaeda and ISIS flags in Beidha and conduct interviews with allegedly [arrested] Al-Qaeda fighters to sell the propaganda that they are engaged in a showdown with Al-Qaeda, Yemen's Information Minister Al-Eryani has said/Multiple websites


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