Islah congratulates the Yemeni nation on Eid Al-Adheha

Islah congratulates the Yemeni nation on Eid Al-Adheha

Yemen's Congregation for Reform (the Islah) party has offered its heartiest congratulations to the Yemeni people, army and political leadership represented by H.E President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, and to the entire Islamic and Arab Ummah over Eid Al-Adheha occasion.

In a statement today, the Islah expressed its wishes for the Yemeni people and the entire Ummah to be blessed with victory over the enemies and with security, stability and prosperity.

"It is  great occasion to offer congratulations to the heroes of the armed forces and popular resistance who sacrifice their dearest, souls, in order to  combat the Iranian theocratic gang of Houthis … and we pray for mercy on the souls of those great who hydrated our land with their blood … so that the Yemeni people can enjoy freedom, justice, equality and dignified life," read the statement.

"As we celebrate this occasion, we remember the tragedy of those held  hostages in the prisoners of the terrorist Houthi militia who face enforced disappearance and all forms of torture and deprivation from the simplest rights the Islamic Sharia and international law enshrine," read the statement.

The Islah called on the government to assume its responsibility in addressing the repercussions of the Houthi coup and protracted war, mainly the " devaluation of the riyal currency to unreasonable levels" which has exacerbated the already wrenched economic situation of the Yemeni people. It called on the Saudi-led Arab Coalition and the international community to help in this regard.

While appreciating President Hadi's concessions that led to the Riyadh Agreement between the government and the Southern Transitional Council, the Islah condemned the continued obstructions to the implementation of the deal and to the Saudi efforts in this regard.

The Islah renewed its call to the national stakeholders to get past any differences and be united in facing the challenges and dangers.  


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