Yemen: How the anti-government militias helped one another fail army's rare gains in Beidha

Yemen: How the anti-government militias helped one another fail army's rare gains in Beidha



Pro-government resistance forces made a surprising advance into the country's central Beidha province last week, widely seen as reversing a streak of losses that army has suffered in its conflict with the Iran-backed Houthi militia since 2015.


The resistance forces consisted mostly of the Giants Brigades, tribesmen from the southern Yemen Yafe'a region and Beidha's native tribesmen of Al-Homeiqan who spearhead the campaign eyeing a forceful comeback to their hometowns and villages that Houthis had them flee years ago.

A leader of the Yafe'a tribal force has in a released a video attributed the Houthi militia's recapture of the districts within days from their liberation to "the cut of ammunition and military reinforcement supply" by the  UAE-backed militia in south Yemen, known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC). "The fall of Al-Zaher front in Beidha because the reinforcement fighters were [intercepted and] arrested in Yafe'a by the STC militia," he said.

He said that STC units "led by Mokhtar Al-Noobi and Saleh Asayed kept "seizing"  shipments of ammunition bound for the Al-Homeiqan front "without justifications" besides the arrest and "detention" of reinforcement personnel.

He said that "after the resistance force had their cannon ammunition depleted, the Houthi militia mounted a counter attack with heavy weapons and managed to evict the resistance from Al-Zaher and the regions around [the provincial capital] Beidha " and drove the resistance force back "to the starting point in Yafe'a."

Several Yemeni journalist and social media activists saw the UAE-backed militia's help to the Iran-backed Houthi militia to reverse a rare governmental victory in Beidha as only the latest in many and bigger  evidences of an existing alliance between the UAE and Iran in Yemen in spite of the prevailing belief that the UAE supports the Yemeni legitimate government.

Speaking of the UAE's extremist determination to topple the Yemeni government, researchers like Abdusalam Mohammed the chairman of Dimensions, a studies center, says that the "UAE won't rest until it sees Marib surrendered to the terrorist Houthi militia and Shabwa surrendered to its ally the STC."

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