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short news

  1. Houthis have re-displaced more 1400 civilians from Beidha governorate after capturing it back from southern paramilitary forces. The families are now stranded in Yafe'a area to the south/Almashehad Alkhaleeji

  2. Houthis acknowledge committing 530 deliberate murder of civilians in the militia's areas of control./Bawabati website

  3. The army repels several waves of Houthis fighters south of Marib/Anbaa Aden
  4. Yemenis coming Eid holiday will be presents free as the devaluation of the riyal eroded all their savings./24 Post.

  5. Business stores in the province of Shabwa have stopped using the fast depreciating Yemeni currency and switched to the US dollar and Saudi riyals./Multiple websites.
  6. The terrorism of the Houthi militia attests to its dark agenda that is no different from Al-Qaeda's and ISIS's/Almanarah Net.
  7. Unknown gunmen shoot dead cleric Soroor Alyafiee as he was leaving the mosque after Thursday's dawn prayer in the southern province of Dhale'a/Almashehad Alyemeni
  8. A resistance leader blames the UAE's STC militia for the losses his forces underwent in Al-Beidha and vows continuity of the fighting against the Houthi militia/Alharf 28
  9. The Yemeni army has found from a downed drone that the UAVs Houthis used in Marib on Wednesday were Israeli-made, informed sources said. /Bawabati
  10. A Houthi senior militant arrests and forcibly disappears three young men for deserting from the militia's warfronts/Khabar
  11. The UAE's role in destroying the Yemeni economy/A headline on Voice of Yemen website
  12. The UAE is ready to lose all its Gulf friends over oil export-related dispute, while it bans Yemen from exporting its gas./Almashedhad Alyemeni.
  13. Women in Houthi jails face assault, "purification rape", electrocution and all other forms of torture/ Headline on Almanarah Net.

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