Yemeni MP attacks gov’t over fall of riyal value

Yemeni MP attacks gov’t over fall of riyal value

Member of the Yemeni parliament Ali Al-Maamari has strongly attacked the government over the dramatic fall of the value of the Yemeni currency, riyal, which passed the mark of 1000 against one US dollar, a record low.

Al-Maamari posted his criticism on his Facebook page in Arabic. Here is what he had to say:

“Since the Houthi militants were driven away from oil and gas facilities and the country’s seaports were restored, calls emerged for the resumption of exportation of oil, opening of seaports to allow trade exchange to resume and for enabling the government to use the available means to obtain hard currency in a country that is fighting a fierce war and is in dire need of exploiting its resources.

But our allies, especially the UAE, wrested control of vital installations such as the Balhaf gas facility, which they turned into a military barracks and refused to evacuate, then worked to disrupt the sea, air and land ports, and concentrated their presence in the coastal and oil producing areas.

It was shocking that they were thus completing the circle of the siege that the Houthis and Iran had imposed on the Yemenis.

And now after six years, the dollar’s value has passed the mark of thousand riyals, and the economic disaster has erupted leaving most Yemenis to wonder: Are these the goals of the [Arab Coalition’s] war that was launched to allegedly restore the government? These are shocking results of an intervention that was supposed to restore the government, empower it with state resources, and help it normalize living conditions in the liberated territories. How painful it is that the Houthi militia, which destroyed the state, is now employing the outcomes of the war to validate their propaganda, while the coalition continues to pursue its deviated goals, helping the militia to be persuasive in their deceptions.

There is an economic catastrophe that began years ago and is getting worse every day. But the actors in the government have turned their back to it, accepting what the coalition is doing as if it were a fate.

The revenues of gas exports through the Balhaf gas facilities alone would have been enough to inject vitality into the Yemeni economy and enable the government to obtain a minimum amount of hard currency to maintain the value of the local currency, pay salaries regularly, and even rearm the national army.

Today, the army is without salaries and the fronts are complaining about the lack of support needed to change the balance of battle, and the local currency is recording a historical collapse that will bring with it famine and economic and social disasters in addition to disasters already produced by the war. The problem is that all of this is happening under the continued pretext of confronting the Iranian expansion.

Is the appropriate way to curb Iranian expansion by seizing Yemen’s seaports, facilities and resources of the state and leaving Yemenis to starve to death ? The Prime Minister bears the responsibility because he remained silent throughout the past period, even when he was expelled from Aden twice, and remained silent in the worst harsh conditions experienced by the people, without telling the people the truth about his helplessness. Instead, he kept spreading promises and euphemize the situation in a way that as much horrible and unfortunate as funny it is.

The government with all its stakeholders bears responsibility for silence regarding the coalition’s malpractices that led to this situation and joined hands with Houthis in depriving the Yemenis of their resources and leaving them face the hell of famine.

What is worse is that Yemenis are dying of hunger while reports indicate that the UAE is looting Yemen’s fisheries in the sea as it continues to seize the seaports, airports, and oil and gas sources.

Today we reiterate the plea to the government to take a bold step in the direction of exploiting public resources, getting the UAE's hands off the Yemeni ports and oil installations, resuming their operation and management according to a transparent and fair vision to ensure that the economic disaster is addressed and the expenses of state institutions are covered.

Enough silence, dependence, and negligence

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